30 Best and Funny Children Art Tables and Desks


The day when your child starts reading and writing makes a proud mother. This is a special moment when your child begins its journey to discover the culture and the wonderful world of reading. And to ensure that the timing of tasks becomes an occasion for playful learning, every mother knows how important children’s desks, colorful, fun and the puppy home.

Unlike traditional desks, the kids table are characterized by shapes and different heights, allowing children to sit comfortably, feeling welcomed and being able to receive adequate support for the back. For the little ones, then, children’s desks are available with wood, gaudy and fun applications such as animals or flowers. The children’s desks are the perfect completion for the boys ‘ bedrooms, where chairs, beds, and furniture are designed to accompany children in growth.



Children need a desk in their room, for different reasons. According to the child’s age, the desk takes on different meanings and terms of use. Kids in preschool is a cute little corner delegate to the game and to the drawing and must be sufficiently low, sturdy, colorful and fun, non-toxic and easy to clean. In recent years the desk takes on the task of getting them to start developing basic skills and to let the imagination. When children grow up, though, and they start school, begins the elusive and feared it was homework. The children then turn into a mobile more functional, in that sacred place where you study, you read, make complex calculations and stretch sensitive issues, they do their homework for school, you prepare for important exams, you are searching. In this age, where you’re at your desk for hours, it is essential to choose a desk and a comfortable ergonomic chair, and have sufficient space for sequencing computer, books, stationery.


When a child is at an age where he must start doing homework and research, will need a system functional, welcoming, functional and spacious, where to study, preserve their own stationery, books, and manuals. We will also be able to fix a computer that, nowadays, is an indispensable tool for our children, allowing them to spread relationships, calculate and use the internet to do research in history, philosophy, art, literature and so on.


The desk for school-age children should have key areas: a desk large enough to accommodate a couple of children’s books at the same time, in addition to much-needed computers, a chest of drawers for storing stationery and albums, some pen holders, pencils, erasers, and one or more shelves to place textbooks for school. All this of course accompanied by an ergonomic, comfortable, covering his back and keep straight and supported during the long study sessions.

The children’s desks are the perfect choice for every room, so much for that girlie style, for their children, that children’s furniture dedicated to boys. Some ideas to guide you in the choice of kids desks could be as follows:

  • White shabby chic style desks for girls: for the bedroom of your small, because you don’t think to pair with wooden beds kids table and desks also pickled in white background and embellished with bands in a neutral taupe color? Completed the work with an inflatable snowman to settle next to dictionaries and a shabby chic fabric table lamp to illuminate the pages of anthology to read for the next test in class;
  • colored desks for kids: even the kids fewer scholars will be delighted to dedicate a space dedicated to materials for school. One nook where they can find pencil cases, notepads, and books. Choose medium-size desks for your children, whose amplitude reaches about 110 cm, in order to ensure your children the use of the same for many years to come. Ranging from classical models or modern design, you will struggle with a desk for children to encourage younger students to become interested in history and mathematics.


Source: Pinterest