Cute Wall Stickers for Young Girls’ Bedrooms


Wall stickers may be the best trend in the world of decoration; especially in the kids’ bedroom, in addition to their cheap prices, they are an excellent choice to give the room a very joyful atmosphere in just a few minutes. Never be afraid to use it, just try and you won’t regret because what is the worst that could happen?

You don’t like it after all; no problem, just pull it out and the problem will be solved. For our young princesses who love to dress their rooms with attractive motifs, here is a pretty collection of cute & sweet wall sticker designs for an adorable girl’s bedroom.



This collection from Castorama is dedicated to young sweethearts from 2 to 13 year. It is inspired by the delicious ambience of sweets and birthdays; it includes many designs for cupcakes, birthday cakes, colorful tea sets…etc. All designs are girlish & charming yet cool & funny to dress the girl’s bedroom with a joyful atmosphere.


Colors are of course around the pink which can’t be absent in a young girl’s bedroom. To bring a trendy look to the room, marry those pink tones in wall stickers with bed linen in soft colors like lichen green, lilac or baby blue.