Epoxy Garage Floor for Protection on your Garage


Epoxy garage floor is a coating especially made to protect the garage floor from damage of constant parking of your car inside it. Most garages use concrete flooring to keep the concrete from cracking up and also from sun exposure. There are a lot of uses of the Epoxy coating other than for garage floor coating. However, most people use this only for garage floor coating because of its thickness and solid coat. This is usually used alone for coating, or some people who would like to add some colors on their garage floor usually use Epoxy garage floor for extra coating after the paint.Epoxy Garage Floor for Longer Durability

The advantage of having this Epoxy garage floor coating your garage floor is that your garage floor will last longer than if you do not coat it. Your car is heavy and the constant strain of your car going in and out of the garage will slowly damage the concrete floor. Sun exposure will also affect and fasten the breaking up of the floor. The Epoxy garage floor provides extra coating and protection for the garage floor and the coat is thick enough to make the floor last longer.


Epoxy Garage Floor Tips on Applying

There are several tips on when you are going to apply the Epoxy. First one you have to make sure that you have dusted off the area where you are going to apply the Epoxy. Second is you have to wear mask because the scent of the Epoxy is strong. Third one, make sure the garage door is not closed when you are coating. It will be dangerous if you are trapped inside the garage while coating. The gas of the Epoxy will suffocate you.

There are several tips you could use during the appliance. As for the pricing, Epoxy garage floor cost is around $68. This is pretty cheap compared to the risk of you having to fix broken concrete every once in a while. So, it is highly suggested that you apply Epoxy garage floor for extra protection of your garage floor.