Framing the Mirror for Kids Bathroom


In room designing, a bathroom mirror will have more compelling value according to its bathroom mirror frames. Even your kids need their bathroom to be decorated like how they want it. Kids usually have their own favorite things, and it would be nice to include their opinion when designing the mirror. Why not take a step further and actually include them when decorating the bathroom mirror frames?

Some mirror frame designs for kids in the store are nice, but sometimes they do not really represent how the kids are. Kids love colorful things, and they usually have their own likings like grownups. Ask them to collect some assortments that can be used as bathroom mirror ideas. Things like jigsaw puzzle, pins, sports cards, domino, and shells can be a great idea to design the bathroom mirror frames with. They are your kids’ favorite, and surely they will be glad to see their toys decorating the bathroom every day.



After the assortments are ready, you need to lay the mirror on the floor in flatly. Glue a fitted plain bathroom mirror frames to the mirror, and wait until the glue is dried before coming further to the next step. Prepare the trinkets on the table, and let your kids decorate the frame with them. Let them work with the design and space first before you glue all of them to the frames. Use a paintbrush or foam to glue the frame with your kids. Let it dry for a few hours before you hang them back in the bathroom.

Elegant Home Fashion as Bathroom Mirror Frames

This do-it-yourself work with kids will be a creative activity to spend with the little ones.  If you want the more practical one, you can also opt to buy mirror with plain frames installed already. Try to pick the one with less decoration on it. Mirror from Elegant Home Fashions, for example, will give a nice plain mirror with a quite affordable price for you. Clean it first before you start furnishing it with the little trinkets.




Mirror with no frame usually is cheaper. You can find the frame sold separately in affordable price. However, if you choose to have bathroom frames what has been installed on the mirror, you can just skip the part where you glue the bathroom mirror frames on the mirror.

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