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Gorgeous Victorian Style Interior Design

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The furniture for a Victorian decorating style has to be heavy ornamented and the wood has to be of dark color. The sofas and the chairs are made from very expensive fabrics or from very fine leather. The dining room tables are very heavy, large and sometimes have marble on them, marble being one element specific for the Victorian style. The beds from the bedroom are very large and have a heavy wooden frame.

The windows specific for the Victorian decorating style have to be made out of stainless glass and decorated with heavy drapes. The drapes are usually made from velvet or silk. Most of the times the drapes are held into place with the help of some tassels and cording. Under the drapes you can sometimes see a layer of lace which gives you the privacy you need during the day. The Victorian drapes are usually in deep dark colors such as red, green and gold.

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