How to arrange a shared kids’ bedroom


As we spoke in our article “Is children bedroom sharing a good idea” the matter or arranging a kids’ bedroom is multi-componential, especially if we are talking about a shared bedroom. So what is there to know?Personal belongings and shared space A shared bedroom must have both components. As well as personal space for all the children, living in the room, a shared bedroom must also have a shared space, where the children can interact with each other on a regular basis. What exactly are we talking about?

The personal space is the bed, the drawers, a place to store toys and other personal belongings and etc. Everyone should have such space to call his own. This gives a sense of security and attachment to the room. If you don’t provide such space in the room, the kids might not be comfortable living in it and will feel like guests in their own home.



Shared space – this might be a table with chairs, where the kids to study or play games together and with friends. It might be a large desk, where their computers are at, so when they are using their computers, they might talk to each other and share. Basically, it depends on the interests of your children, the level and quality of their relationship and your capabilities to provide such shared space.

Picking the design

Here you must use different approaches to achieve the optimal result. Don’t try to force your opinion on your children, but listen to what they have to say, after all, they will be the ones living in the room.


For their personal space, listen to the specific children, who will use that space and try to accomplish what he wants. Don’t try to impose something “universal” for all the children, living in the room, but try to answer to the requests of everyone, even if it turns to be a pretty crazy idea. If one of the children wants his wall black, and the other one wants his wall green, why not? After all, if it doesn’t appeal so much to you, it might appeal to them and if you provide that, they will be more comfortable with their room and grow happier.




For their shared space, try to formulate a compounded design, based on everyone’s preferences. Yes, it might be tricky and compromises might have to be made, but a “shared space” is for that, to be shared, by everyone and their different preferences. Here, going crazy is also not a bad idea, because it is a kids’ bedroom and the more colorful, the better. Have fun!