How to Install a Ceiling Fan


How to install a ceiling fan for amateurs is not that hard to learn on. And having a ceiling fan for your living room or other room in your house will add the ventilation system in your house if you do not have an air conditioner in it. Though finding the central of the room will need special trick, once you have found it, all you need to do is by knowing how to install a ceiling fan.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Locating the Central of the Room

Ceiling fan needed to be installed in the central of the room in order for it to be effective and efficiently circulate the air inside the certain room. Before learning how to install a ceiling fan, you have to firstly locate the central of the room and mark the ceiling where the fan will be installed.


The trick in finding the center is using the old method we used to have in high school. With a chalk, strike straight line from one corner of the room to the opposite. Do it on the two corners and make sure the line you make is straight. The place where the two lines meet is the central of the room.

Installing the Electric Fan

Once you had found the central, you are ready for installation. Turn off the electricity of the house. Locate the electricity source for the fan then begin installing the electric fan. If you do not have access to your ceiling, you better get fan rated box that is an old product, which can be installed without having to go up the ceiling. Next step on how to install a ceiling fan box is attaching the cable. Make sure it will not disturb or being disturbed by any obstacles such as other wire of pipe. After that, it’s done. You have completed the how to install a ceiling fan steps.