Kitchen Cabinet Designs and How to Colors for Kitchen Cabinets


There is no magic rule that says kitchen cabinets should not be at hand reach. In fact, your cabinet hanging over the working table should be at about 122 cm from the floor, and about 30 – 38 cm above the working table.

If you have installed cabinets, these should not be too high for them to be an obstacle and to prevent you from doing your business in a short time. You do not have to replace the cabinets. All you have to do is follow some simple tips to bring them at your fingertips.

On the market there are cabinets in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and patterns. These kitchen cabinets can be very high priced, depending on the number of bodies, the size and the materials of their construction, etc… Most of these cabinets for kitchen are made of wood because the room gets a more rustic and a more welcoming look. In addition, these wooden kitchen cabinets have a high resistance to condensation.



Many kitchen cabinet decors combine with utility with optional storage solutions and with decorative accessories. The role of kitchen cabinets is to store food, utensils and cutlery. There are freestanding kitchen cabinets that fill those boxes attached to the wall. The two types of kitchen cabinets are very practical in every household. They are placed in such a way to save space.

The bodies of kitchen cabinets can vary. There are narrow and tall kitchen cabinets, which are ideal for small spaces. People usually place them in the corners of the room. There are small rectangular boxes. We can find cabinets with sliding doors usually with two doors. There are also cabinets only formed by drawers or with a drawer made of the left door and vice versa.Kitchen cabinets with stove designed to mask its body or for the place where you throw the garbage  or for refrigerator. A cabinet depth refrigerator would be ideal for home.




Kitchen equipped with lighting, transparent or frosted glass doors. There are special shelves and cabinets for spices, bread, beverages and canned food, stands, etc.. There are also cabinets equipped with kitchen appliances and a table on which you can prepare food. Usually, the kitchen cabinets also have a dedicated cooking surface. This area is dark (brown, dark red, even black). Kitchen cabinets are playful, serious and elegant and they are available in bright colors like white, beige, yellow, cream. For a colorful kitchen a bright kitchen and relaxing wood cabinets are ideal those who can give the whole kitchen a great look. Also, there are kitchen cabinets that are available in dozens of natural colors.