Small Living Room Decorating Ideas and Tips on Saving Space


Small living room decorating ideas usually revolve around minimalist concept by using various devices and mean in trying to make the room look wider and more open while putting the things and furniture in the living room at the same time. Indeed it is not that easy. However, once you know what kind of furniture to choose, everything will be even fun to do.These days, getting yourself big house is not as easy as the old days. It is not strange for you to earn small house with small living room. This situation and many others make small living room decorating ideas become popular among the people who want to make the small living room they have and it is turned out as long as they try, it works, especially the small living room decorating ideas for apartments.

With several tricks, even the small living room will look slightly wider and special decoration will make it true. One of the tricks is placing small furniture in the room. Don’t put something that is bigger than the entrance to the living room. Also, something that does not take too much space such as hanging shelf on the wall is also one of the many small living room decorating ideas.Small Living Room Decorating Ideas with Color Play


Using color play to paint the living room will also help to create the wide and free sensation and reduce the feeling that you are suffocated. Bright colors but not too bright will give you this feeling. And the most important thing in small living room decorating ideas, if you have small living room or any room that is small, avoid covering the wall with wallpaper that has small motif in it. Small motif will make the room even smaller.

Now that you have got several tips, you can see for yourself various arrangements of furniture and models in decorating your small living room. The most effective is the hanging shelf. It does not take too much space, yet it provides you with more space for displaying your collections of something as small living room decorating ideas.