Throw Pillow Covers as Simple Decorative Items


Throw pillow covers are one of great choices out of there. These items may be something missing in style and design terms. To get different, stylish look in your home, you can try to use these items. These items are affordable, simple, and decorative to be added in your home design. They can be put everywhere, in the bedroom, living room, or other places such as your patio area. Using or not other pillow covers will be a great idea in saving more cash while in the other hand it can be use as a long or short termed items to decorate your home.

Throw Pillow Covers and How to Choose the Right Size and Design

In choosing throw pillow covers, there are some considerations to pay attention. These considerations are including the size and design. You need to make sure that the size you choose is the right one. Having bigger or smaller size of the pillow cover will be uncomfortable. For the standard size, this pillow usually covers around 16, in type of square design.  In some cases, for the larger size, the range available is up to 24 inches. Thus, you need to be sure the size of the pillow before choosing.


The throw pillow covers design should also be considered well. It is recommended to choose the right design that is going on the room style and design. Thus, you will have great effect created from both, the room design and the pillow covers. There are many choices of design available you can choose; nautical, bold colors, floral, embroidery, printed pictures, or many others. Choose the one that will complement the area, for example, choose the modern throw pillow covers for modern living room design.

Type Materials of Throw Pillow CoversThrow pillow covers are available in many different fabrics. Different fabrics will give different effect and comfortable feeling when it is touched. It is ranged from polyester in standard to satin and silk, and the more exotic fabric types.


If you are a person who loves to feel comfort, then it is recommended to spend money a little more to get the comfortable fabric like satin. You can choose the covers of throw pillow based on suede or leather if you look for a durable covers. Thus, you will have many choices of throw pillow covers to enhance the area’s look.