December 6, 2022


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Elon Musk is firing Twitter employees even when they criticize him in private

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Those who largely just retweeted criticism of Musk are also being shown the door:

But many employees are reportingly being fired just for criticizing Musk in the company’s private Slack.

“My twitter account was protected at the time, so I can only assume this was for not showing 100% loyalty in slack,” wrote Nick Morgan, who had tweeted some criticism on his Twitter account as well. He posted a copy of his firing notice:

Anonymous employees told Bloomberg that at least a dozen employees have been let go after criticizing Musk on various platforms.

Twitter, which no longer has a communications department, obviously isn’t saying anything about the firings, but Musk confirmed them in a backhanded tweet: “I would like to apologize for firing these geniuses. Their immense talent will no doubt be of great use elsewhere.”

I wonder if The Onion might have it right:

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